3 Things Cancer Hates

According to the Centers for Disease Control, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States.  Its diagnosis has to be one of the scariest things to hear from a doctor. This disease has affected too many people in my life. I want to see all of that change. As in all articles on the site, this one is meant to start the conversation and learning; this is not the final authority or meant to replace your healthcare provider’s advice. Here are three things that it absolutely hates.

  • Cancer hates when you cut down your sugar intake. Cancer feeds on the sugar you take in. Increases in blood sugar generate free radicals, increasing inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the foundation of every chronic disease and required by cancer for its growth. The one thing common to all cancer cells is an oxygen deficiency. Sugar makes cells oxygen deficient. Cancer hates when you cut down sugar intake.
  • Another thing cancer absolutely hates is exercise. Why does cancer hate it so? Exercise provides more oxygen to the tissues. Exercise (even moderate, such as walking) aids in the delivery of nutrients, promotes detox, reduces inflammation, balances hormones, and it especially improves your immune function. Rebounding, which is the jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline, has all of the above benefits, as well as improving lymphatic drainage. Just start moving.
  • Vitamin D interacts with genes, similar to a hormone, giving them cancer preventing instructions. Vitamin D is like a wonder drug, but it’s not a drug. It helps you in things as diverse as preventing depression to flu, not to mention cancer. The best source is natural sunlight, not so much as to cause sunburn. In absence of that, such as in the winter months, supplementation is recommended. Experts studying vitamin D agree that the government’s recommended daily allowance is low.
  • – Bonus – Reduce your stress. Cancer, and most other ailments, hates that. By increasing free-radicals and depressing the immune system, stress promotes cancer growth. Find ways to relax. Take a breath. Calm down and take it easy, being grateful for what you have.

Some of this information was taken from Raymond Francis’ work Never Fear Cancer Again. It is very eye-opening (just ask my wife, who had to deal with my less than gradual changes). There is an affiliate link following. If you buy through that link, it does not raise your cost, but I get a small commission, which helps to fund this site. If you don’t buy the book here, please do check it out at your library or local bookstore. It is well worth it.


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